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Hamish and Andy prank call two sex line workers.

skyskythefishy asked: Your friend's band's song I Promised I Wouldn't Say I Love You (Before You Did) is my favorite song now. Where can I buy it?


you cant buy it but you CAN download it free from their soundcloud!



introverts: help shovel neighbors driveways, smile at elderly folks

extroverts:  throw snowball through glass windows, eat the snowman raw

I guess they don’t want to build a snowman then.


reblog if you’re an introvert.  log out and go play sports if you’re an extrovert


White People: - “Black people are always pulling the race card!”


White People: - “Black people are always pulling the race card!”

How to talk to your daughter about her body, step one: don’t talk to your daughter about her body, except to teach her how it works.

Don’t say anything if she’s lost weight. Don’t say anything if she’s gained weight.

If you think your daughter’s body looks amazing, don’t say that. Here are some things you can say instead:

“You look so healthy!” is a great one.

Or how about, “you’re looking so strong.”

“I can see how happy you are – you’re glowing.”

Better yet, compliment her on something that has nothing to do with her body.

Don’t comment on other women’s bodies either. Nope. Not a single comment, not a nice one or a mean one.

Teach her about kindness towards others, but also kindness towards yourself.

Don’t you dare talk about how much you hate your body in front of your daughter, or talk about your new diet. In fact, don’t go on a diet in front of your daughter. Buy healthy food. Cook healthy meals. But don’t say “I’m not eating carbs right now.” Your daughter should never think that carbs are evil, because shame over what you eat only leads to shame about yourself.

Encourage your daughter to run because it makes her feel less stressed. Encourage your daughter to climb mountains because there is nowhere better to explore your spirituality than the peak of the universe. Encourage your daughter to surf, or rock climb, or mountain bike because it scares her and that’s a good thing sometimes.

Help your daughter love soccer or rowing or hockey because sports make her a better leader and a more confident woman. Explain that no matter how old you get, you’ll never stop needing good teamwork. Never make her play a sport she isn’t absolutely in love with.

Prove to your daughter that women don’t need men to move their furniture.

Teach your daughter how to cook kale.

Teach your daughter how to bake chocolate cake made with six sticks of butter.

Pass on your own mom’s recipe for Christmas morning coffee cake. Pass on your love of being outside.

Maybe you and your daughter both have thick thighs or wide ribcages. It’s easy to hate these non-size zero body parts. Don’t. Tell your daughter that with her legs she can run a marathon if she wants to, and her ribcage is nothing but a carrying case for strong lungs. She can scream and she can sing and she can lift up the world, if she wants.

Remind your daughter that the best thing she can do with her body is to use it to mobilize her beautiful soul.

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Healing takes time, and asking for help is a courageous step. Mariska Hargitay (via joyful-destynie)
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this retailer sells a halal nail polish. this allows for oxygen and water to go through the nail, which makes it acceptable to wear during prayer. spread the word. 

“Being a relatively modern creation, nail polish remains obviously unaddressed by early Islamic sources. But the general consensus in the Islamic community is that praying with nail polish is impermissible because of the waterproof barrier it creates on nails, which prevents the wudu ritual from being completed five times a day.” (source)

For any Muslim followers.





It’s only water vapor permeable, and it’s not at all water permeable when you apply multiple coats, a top coat, or a base coat.

You should use the Tuesday In Love water-permeable brands instead! They’re completely water permeable and come in a whole ton of colors!

Here’s a test that a sister did comparing the Inglot brand and the Tuesday In Love brand on a paper towel so you can see for yourself.

please please please spread this around, I would hate for a lot of sisters to have their prayers invalidated because of something like this.

Anonymous asked: having adhd and never having had meds, ive always wondered how long the average non-adhd person can focus for on an average task without being distracted? im interested to know how far away from whats considered to be normal i am??


According to Wikipedia, it’s about 10 minutes for sustained attention, while for a distraction it’s only about 8 seconds.

Most sources I’ve found say that sustained attention typically ranges from 5 minutes to 20 minutes, but the distraction stuff is still just 8 seconds.

I don’t know about you, but I find that my sustained attention span (when not in hyperfocus, which can naturally last for hours) is considerably less than 5 minutes, and I usually end up paying attention to a distraction for well over 8 seconds…